Cat Tales

Real magic works in mysterious ways. Gypsy-cat plays an intriguing part with her own mysterious Magic, spiraling through Jesse’s days and nights. Leaving Stardust clues. Waiting… for Jesse’s light.

Below, find notes for Gypsy-cat ‘s Magic with Jesse.

Gypsy-cat Notes

  • P. 4 – Gypsy’s Birthday: Jesse beamed, “It’s Gypsy’s birthday, too. We have the same birthday.” Billy grinned, “Yeah, and you’re both orphans.”
  • P. 4 – Gypsy’s Hello: Their black cat, Gypsy, bounced in to join them, and bestowed her trademark “wink”: the tip of her tail and her right ear crooked a salute. It was so fast, it looked like she winked. No one was ever quite sure of it, but it was her own little salutation.
  • P. 4 – Gypsy is loyal to Jesse: “Well,” Dearie added, “perhaps Gypsy is a faerie cat, come to watch over Jesse.” Gypsy winked again. “That’d be right.” Billy shook his head with a laugh. “Gypsy follows you everywhere.”
  • P. 16 Gypsy comforts Jesse: … the door at the bottom of the stairs opened. In the next moment, he felt a soft padding of cat feet at his arm. “Gypsy,” he whispered, as she jumped into his arms. He felt the Light again. In her eyes. Her glowing cat eyes.
  • P. 18 Gypsy is calming: A cup-of-calm was Gypsy, curling into Jesse’s bedcovers. He pet the cat, contritely looking at Dearie from his pillows. / Gypsy sat on Jesse’s chest, staring into his eyes, and Jesse sat up, remembering, “I saw the most beautiful Lights…and I knew…I was safe.
  • P. 20 – Gypsy’s favorite treat: Little Gypsy sashayed along behind Jesse and Conor and they looked down, laughing. “Look at Gypsy! I bet she thinks we’re going to the Romanos for her olive treat.” / “Oh, Gypsy,” Jesse smiled, “no Romanos, no olives.”
  • P. 20 – Gypsy is wary of Grams Maguire: Gypsy padded along anyway. But at the next floor she stopped. Grams Maguire was leaving her apartment. The little cat hissed, and—pfft—ran back up the steps.
  • P. 26 – Vinegar milk from Grams Maguire: “Here’s the milk!” Jesse galloped. But he tipped it over. “Oh no!” he squawked, as the milk slopped onto the floor. / Dearie reached for a cloth as Gypsy dashed toward the milk. But the cat only sneezed and padded away. / Dearie puzzled, “A cat spurning milk?”
  • P. 53 – Gypsy likes quiet camaraderie: In the quiet of the kitchen, Conor and Dearie cleaned up the dishes while Gypsy the cat twirly-purred around their legs.
  • P. 53 – Gypsy does not like mournful melancholy: “What?” Conor bewildered, soaping the dish. Gypsy prowled away, as Dearie swallowed, and ruefully replied…
  • P. 57 – Gypsy hunts, discovers and retrieves: “Gypsy’s the one that found Velvet. She kept pawing at the Maguires’ door, so I knocked there. Grams said, ‘No, they hadn’t seen Velvet,’ but Liam looked in their catch-all-basket—and pulled your Velvet out of the blue.” / “Ohhh,” Jesse drowsed. “Thank you, Gypsy. I’ll thank Grams and Liam tomorrow.”
  • P. 63 – Gypsy in the snow: Laughter filled the air and Gypsy couldn’t resist popping out the door. But she instantly sank into the snow up to her chin. Meooow! She yowled like a little banshee. Jesse plowed back through the snow to save her, and she scuttled inside to watch from the window.
  • P. 96 – Gypsy loves Love: And then…Conor kissed Aislinn. Gypsy-cat hopped down and bounced to Conor’s legs, twirling in and out.
  • P. 105 – Gypsy enjoys sunning herself while the neighbors sing: Gypsy cat followed the Maguires out the door, sitting on the stoop next to Liam. She gave her trademark hello wink and flipped over—stretching out on her back, with her head hanging over the warm step. / Annika Schuyler laughed. “I’d like a cat like that.” / Gypsy gazed at her, as if saying, Thank you. Liam chuckled, “Gypsy magic!” And he sang out a popular song, though he changed one word: “How much is that kitty in the window?” / Grams sang out a long “Meeowww.” The kids looked up, tickled pink, and sang along: “The one with the waggily tail.” Gypsy flipped her tail, and everyone laughed.
  • P. 150 – Dearie’s stories of cats: Siobhan remarked, “I didn’t know people thought cats came from Egypt.” She turned to Dearie. “So that’s why you give your cats names from Egypt. Like Pharaoh and Cleopatra and Gypsy.” Her face puzzled. “Wait, is Gypsy a name from Egypt?” Dearie answered, “The word ‘gypsy’ comes from ‘Egyptian’. People thought gypsies were exotic, and Egypt seemed like an exotic place.”
  • P. 160 – Gypsy doesn’t like to be hot: Well. The fan was supposed to be blowing on Dearie, but Gypsy had planted herself directly in front of the flowing air; her cat eyes were shut tight and her fur was blown back. / Jesse giggle-burst, “Oh, Gypsy! You look like a faerie cat! Flying, but sitting still!”
  • P. 160 – Gypsy knows to stay in the Present Moment: Wiping her brow in the extreme heat, Dearie smirked and looked at Gypsy in front of the fan. Then she looked at her kitchen clock. “Gypsy knows how to be in the NOW.” / Gypsy didn’t move…
  • P. 163 – Gypsy is a great hunter: Gypsy had crawled to the edge of the steps, peering into the thick greenery there, and Jesse looked over the stoop. “What do you see, Gypsy?” Something glimmered back at him. “Golly,” he pointed. “Look! I think it’s Mrs. Romano’s gold bracelet!”
  • P. 163 – Gypsy will be rewarded: Gypsy leapt into the bushes, and Jesse ran down