Spoonerisms & Malapropisms

Children are Imaginators! They glisten with new-found, illuminating ideas and words. Becoming Jesse is a tale that lets children’s marvelous imaginations laugh and play and wonder and feel.

Jesse gives us rich and knobbily words with shapes and phrasing that are fun, funny and delightful, as well as thoughtful and intriguing. This makes it perfect for reading aloud, for young and old.

Becoming Jesse is a creation of new and very rich words, a very imaginative way into magic and wonder.” (Mary Cullen, Second Nest Childrens’ Care)

enJOY & Light On!


a verbal error in which a speaker switches the initial sounds or letters of two or more words, often to humorous effect

  • P 8 Hiss-and-leer > Listen here!
  • P35 It’s fight in your race > It’s right in your face!
  • P44 Mend the sail > Send the mail
  • P53 Eyeball > Bye all
  • P63 Know your blows > Blow your nose
  • P82 You fit a lyre under me, Billy!” > “You lit a fire under me!”
  • P109 Charles Dickens > Dahl’s Chickens (Roald Dahl)
  • P120 My zips are lipped > My lips are zipped
  • P120 It’s my Mickey Tragic > It’s my Tricky Magic
  • P120 I’m ready as a stock > I’m steady as a rock
  • P160 You don’t want a half-warmed fish > You don’t want a half-formed wish
  • P207 > It’s roaring pain. > It’s pouring rain.
  • P217 > mad bunny > bad money


the mistaken use of a word in place of a similar-sounding one, often with unintentionally amusing effect

  • P11 expedition > exhibition
  • P31 good gory > good glory
  • P35 Bedivere (Knight of Round Table) > Belvedere (Castle)
  • P36 Owls are nocturnal > Owls are not turtles
  • P50 Triquetra > Trichinosis
  • P68 Money > Monet (French impressionist painter)
  • P68 Impossible > I M Possible
  • P83 Perpendiculars > Particulars
  • P84 Cremake > Create
  • P91 Wash-bucket stories > Swash-buckling stories
  • P93 Fortitude > Fort Dude
  • P95 New books > New Looks (Y’ look the same to me.)
  • P97 Investing-gating > Investigating
  • P103 Welcome > Well Come (Spring is well come.)
  • P105 walloper &