Patience: the key to a fulfilling life


Patience is your master key to a successful, fulfilling life, because it is the acquired skill of living in the now moments.

A Child’s Patience

Patience is a little child, sitting on the floor, stacking and re-stacking shiny pots and bright measuring cups… one on top of another…  into a wavering tower. It doesn’t matter if everything topples and tumbles to the floor. The child is immersed in play, and remains engaged, sticking with it – and re-stacking – again! And when it’s finally complete, there is a beaming grin of triumph!

There are many lessons in this vignette: curiosity, perseverance, positive self-talk, practice, precision and the most powerful of all: PATIENCE

Patience – the Key

The child has innate Patience: the master key, designed through the art of being in the present moment.

When you are focused within your now… and now… and now… you are learning physical, emotional and mental lessons, often without realizing it. Yet, those lessons spill over into your temperament, becoming the traits that define your character.

Virtues of Patience

Patience is filled with a powerhouse of virtues. Even in the child’s simple stacking task, there are lessons that teach self-control, self-discipline, self-reliance, will power and calm composure. With Patience you are able to delay gratification, which makes you more self-aware and alert to your thoughts and words.

Patience in Life Skills

Clear, Patient Decisions

It is the Patience within that helps you make clear decisions, because you take the time to examine – step-by-step. You allow yourself those quiet, inner moments to work things out, and make up your mind. Just like your childhood stacking!

Calm Communication

When you want to speak your mind, or get your message across, being Patient helps you communicate better. First, you take the time to “stack” your data in your mind. Then you relate your idea with a cool head. This is quite wonderful, because it sets you up for a clear, even-tempered interaction with others, and you experience the back-and-forth of a fulfilling discussion. Ultimately, you feel the confidence to stick with it, to further explain yourself.

Composed Relationships

Because you have the Patience to communicate calmly and soundly, you more easily form robust human relationships with family, friends and co-workers. Patience also sharpens a sense of humor, which more easily supports healthy, enjoyable relationships.

Evaluating with Acceptance

There is a knack to graciously accepting a compliment, and it is easier with Patience. It all comes together when you acknowledge who you are, appreciate what you know, and recognize what you accomplish.

At the same time, you accept that you can do even better. You understand that you are a changing being, always expanding, growing, maturing.

Choosing Patience

In Becoming Jesse, Dearie tells him,

“You can make the best of it,

or you can make the worst of it.

You choose.”

Patience obviously makes the best of it.

So, what is the worst? In a word: frustration.

Frustration is the opposite of Patience. It is exasperated, agitated, irritable and pushy. Moreover, it is disappointed, dissatisfied and unsmiling – with no sense of humor. Frustration not only feels thwarted, it cannot delay gratification, which leaves you feeling confused and unaware of your true thoughts and words.

It is worthwhile to be aware of this contrast between Patience and frustration, because it helps you to remember: you can pivot. You truly do get to choose. And you can choose to change frustration into Patience.

Patience Takes Your Time

Yes,Patience is the master key that takes the time to choose your thoughts and words. In Becoming Jesse, his darling, wise grandmother, Dearie, teaches him the lesson of

the Remarkable Gates:

May your words pass through three gates:

Are they Kind?  True? Necessary?”

Next, pay attention to your actions. What are you doing? How is that serving you? Do you feel good while you are doing it?

You can always pivot if need be: to pause, take a breath, and sooth  yourself. Then you can go back to it with re-new-ed, re-fresh-ing energies.

Finally, Patience is Love

As the famous lines from Corinthians begin:

“Love is patient. Love is kind…”

 Both Love and Patience are tender, timeless, caring, warm, endearing, understanding, and devoted. Loving – yourself and others – is a profound form of Patience.

Patience is a shepherd of Love.