About Patsie McCandless

“We all started with baby steps.”

I believe in magic.

I was born with magic. We all are. I believe in the flowing magic of childhood: in shining eyes, giggling laughter, wonder and wisdom; knowing we are the stuff of stars.

This is real. This magic. I want to hold it. Cherish it. Share it. Show others. Guide and shepherd our Magic. Keep this Magic burning bright throughout our lifetime – not just in our childhood!

I wrote Becoming Jesse: to invite and share that magic, even amid life’s ups & downs; because Jesse is guided to find – and become – and keep – his Magic Light.

Patsie McCandless

I am an author.

I became an educator, artist, musician, wife, mother and grandmother. And now I am the author of the novel: Becoming Jesse ~ Celebrating the Every Day Magic of Childhood. My thirty years as a primary school teacher helped to infuse all my work with the joys of childhood. Now the joys of Becoming Jesse have been awarded theMom’s Choice Gold, Family Choice, Zamiz Press Book Cover Image, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Family Choice Award 2020