The Love in You Resonates

The Love within You, Resonates with the Love in Others The Love in You Resonates! When you acknowledge the Love within you, it blooms and flourishes, so that you feel it resonating and connecting with the Love in others. Acknowledging, blooming, flourishing, resonating, connecting…it’s all energy. You know the feeling: it [...]

Fabulush Thrill Digging Becoming Jesse

“Glory be! This is fabulush! Thrill-digging!" - Becoming Jesse Fabulush! Thrill-digging! Becoming Jesse is now a special, updated, everyday story that brings magic back into your life. Becoming Jesse is shining new! With a shining new cover and shining new on the inside! Fabulush Magical Changes For people who enjoy reading magical [...]

Release WORRY & Welcome CALM

Release WORRY & Welcome CALM Worry and anxiety are leading too many people – especially our children – into debilitating depression. It's time to find a way to release worry and welcome calm. There are times in life when things are difficult, especially when they pop up on you, totally [...]

Revealing Your Light

Revealing Your Light “How the Light seeks, the Light reveals: Revealing more and more Light!” ~ Becoming Jesse How you reveal your Light! Yes, you are a Light. You are born with it. And the magic of your Light is in your everyday revelations. The revelations are the thoughts and [...]

The Weavings of Your Life

The Weavings of your Life      “So many weavings in your life! They are the roots of your everyday Magic. Who knows what beautiful fabric you shall weave?” These weavings create the story that you are writing of your life. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you have [...]

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