Patsie’s Light Stick

“Never let go of your Light.”

Patsie McCandless holding the light stick

LIGHT – our everyday magic

I believe we are Light.
We are born with it. It’s our magic.

You see it in smiling eyes – especially in babies and children.
Children are always inviting their magic! And how they Light up!

Let me show you your Light.

Get Your Own Light Stick!

This is my light stick.

Patsie McCandless speaking with her light stick at TEDx Wilmington

You can see inside: the little lights – and there is a little battery in there.

But the intrigue is that there is no plug – no outlet – no switch – no button.

There is only one way to turn on the Lights:

And that is with the Light within.

Our real Human electric energy.

It takes our full human connection.

Watch as Patsie demonstrates the Light Stick

So when I hold one end – and another Human holds the other end –

Oh… there is no Light.

But there is a very good reason for that.

It takes our FULL Human Connection. Our FULL CIRCLE!

When we create that circle, the Lights go ON!

It may take you by surprise because it is not a trick. This is REAL.

Never let go of your light.

Patsie McCandless holding a light stick

And my metaphor – for the bond between Parents and Children – is:

If you let go… …the Light goes OUT.

So never let go of your Light.

Always know your Light… and keep it forever shining bright.


Get Your Own Light Stick!