Becoming Jesse — Celebrating the Everyday Magic of Childhood

By Patsie McCandless

Stirring every day magic, wisdom and wonder into a tale of discovery, Becoming Jesse tells the story of a six-year-old orphaned boy of comic charm, simplicity, and soul-lighting wisdom.

Jesse O’Neil lives in 1950s New York City with his beloved grandmother – Dearie – a once-upon-a-time Irish gypsy, who runs her own theater; and his young uncle Conor, who is studying to be an actor.

Filled with shenanigans, drama and mystery, Jesse’s young life swirls through a melting pot of apartment characters: an enchanting old storyteller, a jolly Tugboat captain, a spiteful old lady, playful children, and an unsavory character, who smells of trouble.

​​Theater, music, classic literature and gypsy storytelling play their parts to the hilt, as Jesse’s quest finds the true meaning of blessings, fulfillment, and the magic of our inner light.

Your Magic is waiting for you. Light ON!

Awards: 2020 Family Choice Award
As one the most coveted and family-friendly consumer award programs in the nation, the Family Choice Awards recognize the finest products and services that enrich the lifestyles of children and families. Becoming Jesse was recognized as a 2020 Family Choice Award winner.

Artwork by:
Patsie McCandless

PaperSolo no paint – no pen – no ink
only layers of exquisite paper

pencil / pen & ink

Becoming Jesse by Patsie McCandless

“… for anyone who loves a child

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“Becoming Jesse is a radiantly magical story… inspirational… with a very profound message, because it’s really about becoming the magic in you.”

Jack Canfield, Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles

“Sure to become a new classic, the characters in Becoming Jesse come to life like old friends you just can’t wait to visit. Every night my son begged for just one more chapter!”

Kat Mills, Montessori Teacher

“Put down your phone, turn off the TV, and open this book. You’ll return to the magic of your childhood.”

Anne Anthony, Author, The Collection
A beautiful story that touches my heart, bringing home the message that magic is everywhere – we just have to be aware and welcome it into our lives.
Rani St. Pucchi, Designer, Author, Gold in the Cracks

“Full of thoughtful, delightful stories with clever, new, ‘brillish’ words, Becoming Jesse empowers children – and grown-ups – to become their dream.”

D. Seebo, Delphi International Radio
“A timely, much-needed story, guiding us with love and inner light. I laughed and cried and was spellbound by the twists and turns. I highly recommend it for parents, grandparents, teachers and children.”
B. Bruorton, Early Childhood Educator
“A marvel! I loved the affirmation of the joy of living and acceptance of mortality.”
Dr. Dorothy Sved, M.D. Family Practice

Coming Soon

Becoming Jesse — Celebrating the Light Within the Journey

By Patsie McCandless

On the journey to the island of his ’disappeared’ grandmother – Lady Jessica, another passage weaves its way through Jesse’s travels as he learns more of his beloved Grandmother, Dearie, and comes face-to-face with the surprising realities of his dream quest.

New Book Release
Becoming Jesse - Celebrating the Light Within the Journey