Creative YOU

You are a Creative Creative. It is who you are. For you are pure energy. Think of the sun – every star – creating endless heat and Light. As a human being, you are the perfect interface of physical flesh-and-bones, and the pure, creative, star-light energy that YOU apply in [...]


World Creativity & Innovation Week The World Creativity & Innovation Week is the United Nations' 20th Anniversary celebration saluting the ingenious minds making the world turn with ingenuity and inventiveness. It supports and promotes the UN resolution on Sustainable Goals for a better planet. This Time We need a week of [...]

The Importance of Curiosity

The Importance of Curiosity The importance of curiosity is that it helps you search, sift, and explore your world.  "Curiosity" questions and learns and make sense of the things you discover. In light of this, it’s interesting that “Curiosity” is the name for one of NASA’s largest and most capable MARS [...]

Being Playful: Light lessons

Being Playful: Light Lessons Being Playful is a Light Lesson that shines in a world of your own, parading fun and delight within the magic of your creativity. Playfulness is akin to a genuine childlike sense of joy. I was attempting a complex art project – all in paper. Nothing was [...]

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Laughter Is the Best Medicine Laughter is the best medicine, just like Love and Hugs. It’s good for you! Titter, chuckle, giggle, hoot or howl! Dissolve into Laughter! Roll and split your sides! By every degree, Laughter is a mental, physical, and emotional support system for you. So, if [...]

Light on with Patsie McCandless in VIE Magazine

    Light on with Patsie McCandless! This is one of her illuminating quotes from Becoming Jesse: Celebrating the Magic of Childhood. It is is among many notes worth pocketing from this self-published, prize-winning novel. Written by first-time author Patricia McCandless, the tale unfolds through colorful characters, particularly six-year-old Jesse. [...]

Stop Negative Thought

Stop Negative Thought You can stop negative thoughts. You have the power to change anxious, defeatist images, impressions, or conversations that buzz through your brain like endlessly looping movie trailers. Musing on this subject, I wrote in my journal: "Tread softly into your silence... into your Light energies. Be. Silent. [...]

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