Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Laughter Is the Best Medicine Laughter is the best medicine, just like Love and Hugs. It’s good for you! Titter, chuckle, giggle, hoot or howl! Dissolve into Laughter! Roll and split your sides! By every degree, Laughter is a mental, physical, and emotional support system for you. So, if [...]

Light on with Patsie McCandless in VIE Magazine

    Light on with Patsie McCandless! This is one of her illuminating quotes from Becoming Jesse: Celebrating the Magic of Childhood. It is is among many notes worth pocketing from this self-published, prize-winning novel. Written by first-time author Patricia McCandless, the tale unfolds through colorful characters, particularly six-year-old Jesse. [...]

Stop Negative Thought

Stop Negative Thought You can stop negative thoughts. You have the power to change anxious, defeatist images, impressions, or conversations that buzz through your brain like endlessly looping movie trailers. Musing on this subject, I wrote in my journal: "Tread softly into your silence... into your Light energies. Be. Silent. [...]

Finding Peace of Mind

Finding Peace of Mind Peace of Mind may be hard to find, when your world is spinning-spinning-spinning. When it feels chaotic or rackety or boisterous. At these times, life seems to speed up so much, that you feel the spinning inside you – making you feel irritated, vexed, exasperated, and [...]

Positive Change in your Life

Positive Change in Your Life Positive change in your life begins with a promise to yourself. That is what a resolution is: your pledge -your dedication to yourself. Before you do anything, sit with yourself. Consider. Review. Reflect. Remember, everything is energy. What better way to move energy than in [...]

New Year Resolutions 2021

New Year Resolutions 2021 New Year Resolutions in 2021 feel extra special, as everyone wants to start afresh. Everyone wants the promise of 'new'. And resolutions are the promises you make to yourself, to help you glitter with your Light in a brand spanking New Year. Yesterday morning, we [...]

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