Light Lessons

Jesse is born knowing he’s the stuff of stars. His Light illuminates the secrets his mysterious mother left behind and guides him through his everyday magic… as well as villainous schemes and unexpected grief. Jesse knows his Light magic every day, for it is the Light that reveals his dreams. 

These are Jesse’s Light Lessons and delightful phrases. As a guide to meaningfully reading Becoming Jesse, his Light Lessons are compiled for you, herein. They begin with the Prologue, and continue in the details from each of the thirty (30) Chapters.


  • xv – Prologue – “The stars are glittering. Aye. You. Your wishes. Making them all glitter. You. Shining back at the stars. Wishing.”
  • xv – Prologue – “Oh, the world cannot do without the glittering stars. Just as the world cannot do without you.”
  • xv – Prologue – “You and the stars are the brightest, the shiniest of everything in the Universe.”

Part 1 Birthday Revelations (1-58)

Look into the eyes of those you love. There you will find the Light of the Universe.

Chapter 1 NEW YEAR BIRTHDAY (3-12)

  • Ch 1/ 7 – “Jesse and Billy laughed like the dish running away with the spoon…”
  • Ch 1/ 8 – “Now you boys are fine. So fine.”
  • Ch 1/ 8 – “Gahslahzerous! It’s not a thing. It’s an attitude. A glamorous attitude.”
  • Ch 1/ 8 – “…her beaming smile that always felt like a blessing.”
  • Ch 1/ 9 – “It’s time you were fast asleep – in your deep wispy-slips.”

Chapter 2 ILLUMINATIONS (13 – 24)

  • Ch 2/ 18 – “You know how important your words are. Try not to use that word ‘should.’ ‘Should’ is full of bossy judging. You don’t need a ‘should’ to guide you.”
  • Ch 2/ 18 – “Don’t say ‘should’ at all. Turn your thoughts. Think of your gorgeous Lights. ‘Should’ is not lit up with those Lights, is it? Let your Light guide you.”
  • Ch 2/ 18 – “Instead of saying ‘should’, try something like, ‘Isn’t it great that we’re safe? I love feeling the Light… loving me.’”
  • Ch 2/ 19 – “So many weavings in our lives. They are the roots of our magic. Who knows what beautiful fabric we shall weave. So fine.”
  • Ch 2/ 20 – “The morning sun woke with gold in its mouth.”
  • Ch 2/ 20 – “The kitchen clock had no numerals. It always read NOW for every hour.”
  • Ch 2/ 21 – She was a tiny little lady with a great big personality – filled with colors.”
  • Ch 2/ 21 – “You never know what she will do next. She’s as mad as a box of frogs!”
  • Ch 2/ 22 – “She was deaf-as-a-doorstop when she wanted to be. She’s got real ‘hearwaxers.”
  • Ch 2/ 23 – “Well me boyo, this too shall pass.” – This too? What does that mean? – “It means you are pals. Always will be. You ain’t seen your last adventure.”
  • Ch 2/ 23 – “Don’t press her. Y can’t get milk if the cow ain’t ready.”
  • Ch 2/ 24 – “Orchid–da-shus! It’s a real word! Hoity- toity flower!”

Chapter 3 HUMMING (25 – 33)

  • Ch 3/ 25 – “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”
  • Ch 3/ 26 – A yoke burst and a yellow stream slid into the pan… that old seeping poison.
  • Ch 3/ 26 – Stick with the good feelings. No use aggravating the bear.
  • Ch 3/ 26 – “This looks like the end of the story; but it isn’t.” (Beatrix Potter)
  • Ch 3/ 27-28 – “In the photo, Jane and James looked so happy. Jesse smiled. They were smiling back at him. Jesse felt a curious flutter. Love. Flutterin