Light Lessons Blog with Patsie McCandless-Isolate or Celebrate

If you’ve been isolated, it’s time to celebrate!


When you have been isolated for too long, it’s time to celebrate. A celebration is a shimmering spark, Lighting up more and more of our connections. Too many human beings have been isolated for over a year-and-a-half. There has been one smack-down after another, setting loose a wild barrage of confusion and fear that has stymied real, normal living… thriving.

The world has turned upside down. And people are exhausted from standing on their heads.

Isolation is seriously negative stuff to live by. In celebrations you positively thrive.

Counting Our Blessings

Personally, we have not been too isolated. We have felt very blessed to live in a place where we have been able to celebrate! To get outdoors during this time. Even ‘talking’ with our neighbors safely from across the street. But that’s not normal. No, life has not been normal, especially because people have been isolated from truly being with one another.

[Here is a short video of a National study of coping with the effects of prolonged isolation.]

This year we decided to celebrate! We would re-institute our annual Concert on the Lawn. This is our musical event, which we host on the Saturday after Labor Day. We invite excellent musicians to perform and invite our neighbors and friends to bring chairs and blankets to spread out on our back lawn.

Seeing Isolation – Wishing Celebration

We realized that it was time to actively stop the isolation and vigorously celebrate. Walking all the streets of our neighborhood, we posted our ‘invite’ on every mailbox. As we came to a little house by the side of the road, we hesitated to leave an invitation. There was no mailbox, and it looked like no-one was living there. Still, we boldly taped our invitation to the door.

A few days later, another neighbor knocked on our door. Enthusiastically, she wanted to let us know that she and her family were coming. She told us about the little lady who lived in that house by the road:

“Oh, she is just thrilled to receive your invitation! She is so excited to have an ‘outing’ to attend – your Concert on the Lawn! Honestly, she is just beaming with anticipation!”

No more Isolation – Time to Celebrate!

Well… our concert day arrived, and the little lady we had never seen before, arrived… with bells on! Ready to celebrate! Her face emanated pure Happy!

She was delighted! And she was a delight! I watched her open her lawn chair and take a seat. Her grin was as big as the sky! When the performers sang or played their instruments, she was positively beaming! Such pleasure! Bliss! Joy!

And afterward she greeted all the neighbors with her superlative exclamations! She was so dog-gone happy to be there, to share, to enjoy, to communicate, to BE with people.

Appreciating the Essence of Celebrating

This darling lady, who had been quite isolated, truly represented the essence of everyone sitting on our lawn, celebrating. In this gathering of neighbors and friends, we heard over and over again how wonderful it was to be invited, to anticipate a place to go, greet and embrace one another, and in particular, to connect. When people saw and shared each other’s beautiful smiles of appreciation, it seemed that everyone’s enjoyment of the outstanding entertainment was further elevated.

Yes! Appreciations bloomed all over the lawn! Indeed, the performers, too, spoke of how grateful they were to be here, outdoors on a beautiful day, getting to perform their musical magic. It was the very first time for them since March 2020. Think of that. These glorious musicians of voice, cello, flute, viola, not being able to present their gifts, their talents, for a year and a half!

A Special Reason to Celebrate

On top of all our celebrating, we held our Concert on the Lawn on a very special day of remembrance: 9/11. Throughout the afternoon, we observed very poignant moments: in silence, as well as in words, song, and music… to radiate our honor and love for all the victims and heroes of that tragic day, twenty years ago.

Perhaps that is why the musicians’ performances exploded with thrill-bumps, even tears, and profound heart-touchings. It was all received by a deeply grateful audience. Afterward, people enthused over every detail – the perfection of this day – this beautiful garden, flowers, lawn… the butterflies that floated-in on the music… the notes and tones breezing through the soft clear air… the feeling of neighbors participating and contributing.

Isolate – No!   /  Celebrate – Yes!

People don’t want to isolate – to be alone anymore. We want to celebrate! To go. Participate. Be. With other humans. We don’t want to hide our faces or shrink from handshakes or embraces. Your brain wants to know that you are not alone. This is our time, once again to celebrate. You may remember my Light Lessons blog on The Power of Hugs to balance and celebrate our mind, body spirit connections; not in isolating ourselves. We are sick – our bodies, minds, and spirits are sick of isolating ourselves. It’s time to stop isolation and celebrate being human again.

We felt everyone wanting to celebrate… in oh, so many ways: commemorate, honor, and salute our neighbors. There was even more than that. We felt people wanting to praise and glorify, in music and song. Human beings want to enjoy, make merry, step out – go out on the town! Live it up! Revel!

This is what human beings do! And do so well! Celebrate!

Light On!