Light Lessons Blog#102 Imagination or What CAN BE by Patsie McCandless

Imagination : What IS and What CAN BE

When you use Imagination you have the key to distinguish between the everyday reality of what IS and the future vision of what Can BE.

It looks like Earth is made up of what IS: reality. Yet it is just as true that Earth is made up made up of what CAN BE: Imagination.

In life on earth, we are often faced with the reality of WHAT IS: we are told to be responsible and accountable. We teach each other – and our children – to ‘step up’, ‘toe the mark’ and ‘hoe the row’. But that can leave human beings feeling stuck, knee-deep in the reality of ‘what is’.

In spite of that, the Imagination of WHAT CAN BE is the perfect foil for reality.

Isn’t it interesting how we earthlings are wonder-struck by the creativity of our fellow humans. Golly! Where do they get their ideas? How did they do that? Man-o-man, I wish I could do that! Glory be! That is so uplifting – so inspiring!

I happen to believe that  – under all the layers of What IS/reality – all earthlings are creatives. We are all Imaginators for What CAN BE/vision. A long time ago, I came across A Storytellers Creed, and over the years I refined it to reflect my own creative impulses.

I believe that

Imagination is much stronger than knowledge. 

Myth is more potent than history.

 Dreams are more powerful than facts. 

Joy always triumphs over experience.

 Laughter is the door opening to our possibilities.

and I believe…That Love is the heart-light of our souls.


Imagination. Myth. Dreams. Joy. Laughter. Love.

This is all about being an uplifter. A creative. An Imaginator. Here are my reasons why I believe that Imagination/ What CAN BE is far more precious than reality/What IS.

We have a Magical Imagination

Imagination/ What CAN BE – not reality/ What IS – is magically transformative. It can take any common, mundane item or event and turn it into a thing of wonder. When I was a young, my sister got a transistor radio. I thought it was a tiny magic box, with people inside. The people were all talking and singing and playing song after song. I remember I got into one of the packing boxes from our recent move and started talking and singing – just like the little radio! My sisters and brothers joined me, and we had a riot of endless play – from a simple cardboard box. We imagined our ‘What CAN BE’ to our true heart’s content.

You may recall similar kinds of Imagination/What CAN BE at play from your childhood days. Or, if you have a chance to watch a child at play, you will know the magic of creativity in a child’s imagination. It’s when the bathtub becomes Captain Hook’s ship in Neverland – and Peter Pan comes to rescue you! Or the mattress becomes a trampoline – shooting you into outer space. It’s pure happiness, joy, and perfect wonder. It is a place of dreams and inventions.

It’s Imagination. And it does not have to live only in our childhood. You can come with me into my radio: here is one of my short, singing Blogs about Imaginations.

Imagination Lights our Eager Enthusiasms 

As I said at the beginning, with life on earth, we are often told to be responsible: that’s What IS reality talking. And as grown-ups, there is a world of responsibility – on the job, in the home, for the family. But, of course it does not have to be all serious – or drudgery. When you access your Imagination – aka dream – you find and re-new your passion in life. You can put the magic back into your purpose. HOW you take-on your WHAT IS/Reality responsibilities can be as simple as changing your attitude and pivoting to a fun, funny, positive, uplifting thought. It’s a practice that you can cultivate when you shine your Light on optimistic enthusiasm. Your magic cardboard box is waiting!

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation are by-products of Imagination. That is what helps us when we want something that is easier/harder, or bigger/smaller, or faster/ slower. Imaginators have created and invented countless innovations and it has been going on since the invention of the wheel, or striking fire, or planting seeds. Today, technology moves us into more imagination every day.

When people are talking about Imagination/What CAN BE, they  like to use the expression, “… thinking outside of the box.” What that really means is that humans can access their mental abilities, by presenting the mind with a question or puzzle; next they allow their thoughts to quiet, their brain to relax; that moment of a peaceful, easy feeling often brings a “Eureka” experience of revelation: the answer to the puzzle.

Here is a fun little puzzle that can help you “think out of the box.” It’s called, The Nine Dot Puzzle: you draw nine dots (3 in each column); then you have to use a pencil to draw four continuous straight line segments, which go through the middle of all 9 dots without taking the pencil off the paper. (Here is the solution – just in case!)

Our Future

Our Future is in the minds of Imaginators. One could safely say that Imagination is the key to the growth and development and evolution of our earth and earthlings. Imaginators are not engaged in the things right in front of us – What IS/Reality – which creates the same-old-same-old day after day. No, Imaginators concentrate on the things we wish to encounter: WHAT CAN BE. They draw their own picture and envision the possibilities. For every single invention on this earth – the THOUGHT came first – and it became the new creation.

In Becoming Jesse, he is taught by Dearie to

“… Imagine. Now. And Know that it IS.”

Like Jesse, what you Imagine can become. It is the essence of What CAN BE.

Reality versus Imagination

What Is/Reality these days is not much fun – and certainly not magical. News and social media are full of the negative and pessimistic, making you feel like the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Yet, reality is just an external indication: it’s what we decide to go along with on this earth. You choose your reality in your every thought. If it is negative, it can be a place of no control or power.

What CAN BE/Imagination, on the other hand, is full of our glorious power. It truly is our magic. It is our power to create and change our lives and turn our world to the positive.

Through our Imagination we have the power to transform our world right now, this red-hot-minute… from what IS to what CAN BE. Our thoughts – our vision – can be our new reality with unlimited possibilities. All you have to do is choose to Imagine your thought – instead of regurgitating reality.

Pivot. To your Imagination.

Light On!