The Love within You, Resonates with the Love in Others

The Love in You Resonates! When you acknowledge the Love within you, it blooms and flourishes, so that you feel it resonating and connecting with the Love in others. Acknowledging, blooming, flourishing, resonating, connecting…it’s all energy.

You know the feeling: it is the way you resonate with people, whether they are family, friends, or lovers. (We feel all this every time we connect with our children and grandchildren.)

It is how your love flourishes: how it goes… and more important, it’s how your love grows.



Love resonates! There are people on this earth who resonate with you and your energy… especially your energy of Love. These people love you. You know who they are. They are interested in you and want your presence. You know they appreciate you and care about your time, interests, and commitments, your energies and health – emotional and physical and spiritual.

These are the people who Resonate with The Love in You. Human beings who love your life of joy and want to accompany you along your path. They include you, compliment you, remember you. Favoring and supporting you, they are FOR you, and you are FOR them!



This resonating  love is a very special relationship. It is reciprocal love. And it resonates in a high vibration between you and others. It lets you know how very treasured you are. The more time you spend in love with these people, the more you are connecting to the ‘True North’ of you, the very core of you.

This is no small thing. Think about this. In all the millions and millions of people on this earth, you are connected to earthlings who resonate with you  – and value you. These are the human beings you want to stay involved with. You want to commune with them – to revel in your community. Resonating with others in loving relationships increases the positive energy in your life. Barbara Fredrickson, from UNC Chapel Hill, has studied collaborative, sharing relationships, and states that we do truly resonate with other human beings. Like a tuning fork. Our neuro -peptides can produce one emotion simultaneously in two people. You know – those eureka moments when you and your loved one are on the same page – sometimes the same word!



Love showers you with blessings. You – and these people – show up together, communicate together, make an effort together. It is an energy filled with Light. You begin to understand this precious gift of true friendship, true partnership – sharing in interests, activities, places, situations that regenerate your energies. These are the harmonious bonds of camaraderie, companionship and intimacy.

It reminds me of my blog on learning Light Lessons from Olympians – deep, profound sharing and connecting.

This makes your life feel so blessed. And it is. When your ‘Light is On’ among people who have their ‘Light On’, you are in a sanctuary. It is your blessed refuge in this life. The highest and best within you is nurtured by the highest and best in others.

This love: you are love and you resonate with love in others. In such blessed relationships, you know: this is the love you deserve…

because it is the love you are.

Light On!