Being Playful: Light Lessons

Being Playful: Light Lessons

Being Playful is a Light Lesson that shines in a world of your own, parading fun and delight within the magic of your creativity. Playfulness is akin to a genuine childlike sense of joy.

I was attempting a complex art project – all in paper. Nothing was working. Nothing! Frustrated, exasperated and annoyed, I left everything on my work table in a mess of colors and shapes. To my surprise, the doorbell rang and I ran down to answer it. Our Grands were standing there… ready for some fun! After an afternoon of shennaigans with them, I popped into my studio, and – you guessed it – played to my heart’s delight with my papers – just sitting there, waiting for me and my inspired magic!

Why Be Playful?

As in all Light Lessons, there are very good reasons for being playful.

People of all ages, who know how to play happily, have better coping skills, and are calmer and less stressed.

Play supports all phases of learning, helping you to be more inventive, constructive and effective.

And when playing with others, you form personal connections, relate socially and cooperate at a higher level.

Mostly, you want to find the fun. It’s in the bright, playful joy that lights up your spirit. It’s in your renewed curiosity, and your renewed sense of exploration and adventure.

No rules

Sometimes the best play is in the moment. Here, there are no rules, and no restrictions. There are no ‘shoulds’ in play, and that is why you leave heavy, burdensome rules behind, and move into the Light. You are actively in your own NOW moment. Even if you only have a vague idea of what is happening or where you are going, it is that very uncertainty that leaves the door open to your creative surprises. Time and again, this playfulness brings you into a broader, longer, stronger expansion of yourself.

No Worries in Play

You don’t have to be particularly good at whatever you are playing. It’s not about skill, or even gifts and talents – although, often your best gifts are honed within the realm of play, which makes playfulness quite empowering. It is your fairlight place that feels just right. You can make mistakes and goofs, and you can laugh at yourself. Sometimes you might even go overboard, acting the silly clown… because it’s fun!

Looking for Play

“The Magic is not to be found in a wand or a potion.

The Magic is in YOU!”

By now, you know the boomerang effect of energy: that what you focus on is going to come back to you. So be on the lookout for interesting diversions, and fill-’er-up!

Of course, the young are filled with playfulness. Follow a happy child about and watch. Children freely color and draw, stack and build, dance and sing. Daydreaming is also a big part of playfulness, as is imagining and pretending.

The little ones love what they are doing, and all the while they are learning how to focus, relate, and stoke their engines!

Watching our Grands, I wrote this quote:

“Playfulness does not notice the passing of time.

It is filled with wonder and Light!”

 You can be, too!

Playfulness is lively – thrively!