Light Lessons with Patsie McCandless - Blog #98 Fabulush Thrill Digging Becoming Jesse

“Glory be! This is fabulush! Thrill-digging!” – Becoming Jesse

Fabulush! Thrill-digging! Becoming Jesse is now a special, updated, everyday story that brings magic back into your life. Becoming Jesse is shining new! With a shining new cover and shining new on the inside!

Fabulush Magical Changes

For people who enjoy reading magical books – and who doesn’t? – you will find that I have spiffed up Jesse brighter than ever.

You’ll notice right away, the shining gold awards on the front cover. Jesse has won the Mom’s Choice Gold Award and the Family Choice Award – enriching and supporting the lives of families everywhere. It is also a Recommended book from the internationally renowned SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators).

Inside, the first pages are covered in praise for Jesse, from the United Nations forum, to the elegant “VIE” magazine, and eminent authors, and readers who resonate with the Light and Magic of Jesse.

Jesse’s story is updated in an easier to use design that brings even more Light for the reader – and the listener. It is a true read-aloud book for the whole family…  more fluid… as you and your children – your grandchildren – read together.

Thrill-Digging New Illustrations

Many of you already know of my PaperSolo art: no paint – no pen – no ink – only layers of exquisite paper. Now Becoming Jesse has new illustrations, with a PaperSolo silhouette for each of the six parts. It was such fun imagining which picture I could create to represent a whole section, so that each one is a metaphor to elaborate Jesse’s story.

Fabulush & Thrill-digging New Words

Playing with words is always a fun way to explore language. Look for new Spoonerisms – that exchange the beginning of two words. Probably the most famous Spoonerism is an oldy, but a goody: The usher says, “May I sew you to your sheet?” And, recently, I replied to an email sender of “Cheers” – with “And Years to Chew!” (Cheers to You!)

Also, Malapropisms are one of Jesse’s trademarks. A malapropism is simply a mistake using similar-sounding words. It originated from the name of a mid 19th century character:  Mrs Malaprop in Sheridan’s play The Rivals (1775), which I remembered seeing at Brown University way back when! Mrs. Malaprop liked to say things like, “… promise to forget this fellow – to  illiterate him from memory!” (obliterate). You can find more of her fun malapropisms here.

And you will find more Jesse fun with new words in this updated version.

New Becoming Jesse Book Guides

At the back of the book, you will still find Deaie’s Dictionary. And I have added a section for BOOK CLUB DISCUSSIONS, plus a link to my website that will have TEACHER GUIDES for chapter-by-chapter discussions with classroom or library students.

Also, Jesse’s Light Lessons have been very popular with readers, and there will be my website link to his Light Lessons in each chapter.

Perfect Timing

September is drawing nigh, and you are preparing for school to begin. You yearn for the rhythmic routines to fall back into place. But the world is handing you more ‘crazy’ and ‘uncertain’.

Becoming Jesse is the perfect antidote. Here you can find, not only a fantastic book to get your child back in reading mode, but you can get your family enjoying a great read aloud book. You will find soothing, fun, funny, touching stories in every page to further discussions with your family about things like imagination, gratitude and resilience.

Becoming Jesse makes a great gift. It will be the book you suggest to other parents  – and teachers – to read to children – to bring back the simple everyday magic.

Fabulush Thrill-Digging and all Spiffed Up

I have spiffed up Jesse brighter than ever – with my art and fun puzzle-words in this updated, read-aloud format; and also with discussion questions for teachers, librarians, book clubs and family readers – so that Jesse will be out in the world showing all earthlings their way back into their Light. Celebrate your Light! The new updated Becoming Jesse – Coming Soon!

Light On!