Blog#91 Light - Light Lessons with Patsie McCandless

“Light is a Verb”

Clearly, Light is at the core of my Light Lessons, a verb of astronomical proportions. My mantra goes a bit further:“Light On”. If Light and Light On are verbs, what does it signify? What does it mean for you?

“Light On” is a verb. Just as you are a verb. And, I think, stars are verbs! You – and stars – and verbs -express actions, or occurrences, or modes of being. It is energy at work – or play! It is active vitality and spirit in motion. Your verb to “Light On” is your mode of being: you shine and “spread Light”.

You are a shiner. This is how you wonderfully illuminate yourself, and how you glow in the eyes of others. It’s also how you help to ignite others.

Bring it to Light

You can be the action verb to “ignite your Light” in countless ways, because every time you “Light On”, you “bring something to Light”. Picture this: the very thoughts created in your very own brain, are all Light. They are energy – electricity – sparking every synapse in your brain cells and throughout your body.

Light is the verb that creates your thoughts. Then your thoughtful musings come floating into your consciousness. This means that you reveal your thoughts to you… yourself!

That is awe-inspiring enough, but when you “Light On”, you keep those revelations flowing by sharing this Light-filled new thought. Your new ideas “come to Light”… for you… and others… everyone. Sensational!

The remarkable part of this is that it does not have to be a new invention for the world – it is quite enough when it is a new breakthrough or revelation for you. It’s easy to see this in a babies or toddlers, discovering one of their many “Firsts” – whether it’s grabbing a squeaky ‘Sophie” Giraffe, or stacking a tower of boxes, or seeing the moon for the first time. Whatever, it is the verb-action that ‘Lights up” both the child -and the parents- in gasps of delight!

See the Light

As you grow, Light is the verb that creates revelations, and they, in turn, help you “see the Light”… so that you and others can realize and understand the new discovery. Then you can “throw Light on” it, because the Light helps you explain or clarify your new finding.

Amazingly, with each revelation, you just become brighter – you “Light Up”!  It’s how good becomes  better, and better becomes best. Also, you can’t help but “Light Up” others with your new ideas and new things, new actions. This is how innovators invent or athletes continue to break new records. Each earthling stands in the Light of those who came before, and from that Light, launches their own creation.

When your Light is On

You know when your Light is active… when Light is your verb! You have a novel feeling, a sensation, a perception that is sometimes subtle – sometimes bursting. Consciously or unconsciously you just KNOW. And if you truly pay attention to the experience, you can find yourself in that place of pure joy, clear happiness, fresh glee, sparkling delight. Light is the Energy of the Universe that is always authentic, crystal-clear, pristine and vibrant… like You!

When you stand in your Light, “You are fine. So fine.”     (Becoming Jesse)

The Outer & Inner Universe

If only you could see the Light within the Universe and the Light within you. Well, you can!

A fascinating video shows you the way: the Cosmic Eye. It was designed by astrophysicist Danail Obreschkow, to take you on a 3 minute movie journey: OUT into the Universe, into the endless cosmic web, on a scale of billions of Light years; then it reverses course, and goes IN to the interior of the human body on a nano-microscopic scale of minuscule elementary particles.

It is simply “thrill-digging” to observe because you can’t miss the profound similarities that connect all Life – and all Light – within the unmistakable, matching parallels of both our Outer and Inner worlds. There is the dark, but it only serves to make the Light brighter. The indisputable LIGHT is definitely the active verb in each and every passage of this video.

Who You Are

This is who you are: this Light. As a verb, you shine… you are a shiner. A fair-light. Since the moment you were born. (I like to say: Oh, even before that! It brings to mind my presentation to the United Nations – the Light in YOU.)

As the old storyteller explains in Becoming Jesse:

“You can’t help it. It is who you truly are. You are the Light. The Light is you.” 

When you know that, you know it is your Light, this Universal Light: of your pure joy, pure love, pure knowing.  You glitter with it! You can’t help it.

Glittering in your Light is one of Dearie’s favorite places to be. She has her special word for it: “Gahslahzerous!”


It’s not a thing. It’s an attitude. A glamorous attitude.”

You are gahslahzerous!  You glitter! When your world is filled with light,

Just look for it. Start with YOU!

You! BE the LIGHT!

Light On!