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United Nations 20th Anniversary Forum: World Creativity & Innovation

Patsie McCandless, Speaker:

Your Roadmap:

The Story of You

This is Your Roadmap Out of the Dark Into the Light. The first of my three stories is: The Story of You.

In my family classic novel, Becoming Jesse, little Jesse loves to play with words, particularly Spoonerisms – which means that you switch the beginning of two words. Jesse would get your attention with: “Hiss and Leer, everybody!” And that means, “Listen Here, Everybody!”

With that introduction, let’s begin Your Roadmap with The Story of You.

Imagine Your Roadmap

Just imagine: a Once Upon a Time – in a place where there is no Time. Imagine that you are a star. Roaming the Universe, you come upon beautiful planet earth. You see millions of lights shining out from every human being. And you say, “I want to go there!” You choose to come to earth. And so begins the journey of your becoming: your roadmap into the story of you… as you journey from beautiful star-light-you –  to becoming ensconced in amazing, physical-flesh-and-bone you.

Physical Beginnings

In the moment of your choosing, your mother’s and father’s chromosomes fuse together – and you pop in! One teeny tiny microscopic cell: a zygote, clinging to the wall of the uterus… with your roadmap ushering in the story of you. Science knows this is true, because you are the cell that creates – like crazy! Increasing all your cells exponentially. You have the roadmap inside of you!

Developing Your Story

By only six weeks, you become the embryo. And you have already created all your internal and external organs. Plus, you create a support system, just for you! You produce your amniotic sac, your placenta, and your umbilical cord.

By 9 weeks you become the fetus, and you create the neural tubes that begin your fabulous brain!

Your Powerful Roadmap

You are a powerful, light filled creator. With your own roadmap, you are creating the story of you… in every moment inside the womb.

At three months you weigh less than one ounce, and yet you can curl your fingers and make little fists, wiggle your toes, and you can sleep, swallow, and breathe.

Then you get started on creating your senses, especially hearing. Did you know…? You can, not only hear your mom’s voice, but you can distinguish your mother’s voice from all others. And science again tells us that you just perk up when you hear her voice.

Your roadmap also gets you started on the story of your taste buds, and you let your mom know, you really don’t like the anchovies on her pizza.

But you keep creating! You love creating… becoming! Right up to your birth at 6 to 8 pounds, you keep going! And by the way, you are also the one who gets the whole birthing journey moving. You emit a hormone and an enzyme, and that is what gets you started, out of the womb and into your physical human being status!

Amazing You

And you don’t stop there. Your roadmap is filled with insatiable curiosity and insatiable experimenting, and it all keeps you creating the story of you!

Now just think about your development as an infant and a toddler. You are so amazing! Because nobody tells you, “OK now, it’s time to reach out and touch your mother’s cheek.” Or, “It’s time to latch on to your daddy’s thumb. Oh, it’s time now to roll over, or sit up, or stand up, or take your first step.” Nope! Nobody tells you. It’s all you! Your roadmap: The Story of You. Glorious creator, you!

Learning Your Roadmap

It wasn’t all easy. You had to learn patience and perseverance along your roads, because you had to try and try and try again. But you welcomed every puzzle. You welcomed every mystery into your world. Like that mobile hanging above you, you love batting at that. Or chasing Cheerios around your food tray. And when you learn to pincer one cheerio… and get it into your mouth! Oh! You just reveled in your success. You celebrated that one Cheerio!

Unstoppable You

You developed your body like a little Greek God, full of grace, full of strength, full of flexibility. And that brain of yours! Creating synapses galore! So that your logical left brain and your imagining right brain come together and come up with your first step, your first word, your first question. It is all you, and you are the one who keeps it all going. You are creating your very own roadmap!


Right now, in this very moment, your roadmap is still the story of you! It’s all still in there! It is time for you to accept –  that you are a powerful, light filled creator.

Like the Dark Ages morphing into the Renaissance of Light, it’s time for you to begin again: to reach out, to roll over and stand up and take your first step… Out of the dark and into the light. Your light.

My old Irish storyteller in Becoming Jesse explains it:

            It’s life. It’s light. In you. Becoming. Moment by moment.

You belong here. Smile and trust your beautiful Light to show you the way.

Your Story – Your Song

This is a ballad from Gordon Lightfoot – which I changed just a bit to match your Light:

            When you shine your light so bright, how can you be anything but beautiful?

            Laughing eyes and smiling face, glitterings of grace.

            I’m telling you: Becoming YOU – You’re beautiful!


Yes, you are so beautiful.

And that is my first story: Your roadmap. The story of you. The story of beautiful, glittering, star-light, grace-full, YOU. Powerful you. Creating you. Unstoppable, growing you. Becoming you. It is all you – all your Light.

As the old storyteller explains in  Becoming Jesse says:

You can’t help it. It is who you truly are. You are the Light. The Light is you.

Trust your Light.

Your Light will show you the way.


Next week, I will present the second story: the Story of Your Choice. This is the story of you choosing the Dark or the Light.

Light On!

Note: the video of Patsie’s complete presentation is available: