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Imagining Your Future

United Nations 20th Anniversary Forum:

World Creativity & Innovation

Speaker: Patsie McCandless – presenting:

A Roadmap out of the dark into the Light


Prologue to Visualize Your Future

Moderator, Wendy Brant


Imagine your future on day three of the United Nations 20th Anniversary Forum on World Creativity and Innovation. It is time to visualize and dream and believe in our future. Today we are joined by Patsie McCandless who will present her ideas that imagine our own destiny. She calls it: A Road Map out of the dark into the Light.

Patsie McCandless is a woman of multifaceted talents: she is an award-winning author, artist, musician, TEDx speaker, educator and author of the multi-award-winning novel, Becoming Jesse – Celebrating the Everyday Magic of Childhood.

Born on an island in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island – Patsie appreciates that it was quite a magical place to grow up with unlimited imagination. She began writing when she took a workshop with the renowned author, Madeleine L’Engel. Her novel is purposefully not filled with dystopia or fantasies. Conversely, it is lit up with fun, as well as the unexpected, and the heart touchings of everyday Magic. Patsie, a devoted wife, mother, grandmother and teacher, was inspired to write this book to beguile parents and children to put down their cell phones, turn off their screens, and open a book to read and imagine together.

Now ladies and gentlemen, I present Patsie McCandless.

Speaker, Patsie McCandless

Thank you, Wendy.

First, I want to thank our sponsors for Imagining Your Future. Haggerty and Haggerty Digital as well as My Favorite Art Place have done a marvelous job putting this all together. Kudos ~ with much appreciation and gratitude.

I also want to give a big Hello to everyone who has joined us here to Imagine Your Future. I am so honored and so excited to share this with you today, dreaming and believing in our future.


And what an opportunity to inspire and to uplift! This is exactly the reason I wrote Becoming Jesse, my family classic novel. Jesse is a little boy who was born an orphan. But he is surrounded by… all kinds of people, who help him become who he is by imagining his future. They teach him about his Light: how to turn it on, how to keep it on, and how to shine it out everywhere.

That is what Jesse and I want to do today. We want to imagine and illuminate a road map to your Light, and we will do it by sharing songs and stories to light you up, too.


We all need to take these moments in Time – to soothe our minds and our souls. We need reminders – with a good dose of TLC – tender Loving Care – because, right now, we feel that our world feels dark. So dark.

Yet, my old Irish storyteller begins the story of Becoming Jesse with Light – pure Light:

The stars are glittering. Aye.

            You. Your wishes. Making them all glitter.   

            Oh, the world cannot do without the glittering stars.

Just as the world cannot do without you.

Together you are the brightest, the shiniest of everything in the Universe.


Yes, you… are a star. A sun. Energy. Flowing. Filled with exceptional power. It is the LOVE of your LIFE. Your LIGHT. I want to show you your Light – help you remember your Light – imagine and re-ignite your Light to shine it all over.


I am going to share my Light, to illuminate a roadmap that will help you imagine your future and find your way into your Light. I will do this by telling three stories, one for each weekly blog.

The first is the story of YOU: YOU & Your LIGHT.

The second is the story of Your Choosing: You Choose the dark or the Light.

The third is the story of How You Use Your Light.

Next Week

See you next week for the Story of YOU – & Your LIGHT – Imagining Your Future!

Light On!

Note: the video of Patsie’s complete presentation is available: