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United Nations 20th Anniversary Forum: World Creativity & Innovation

Patsie McCandless, Speaker


Your Roadmap: Your Choices

Part 1 gave you a roadmap for you and your Light. Part 2 is a roadmap illuminating you and your choices.

It is you who chooses… the Dark or the Light.

You may be wondering,

“Now wait a minute, if I am filled with this Light, then how do we have Dark?

And why do we live with Dark?”

The answer is in the very same reason that you found earth so alluring in the first place. You see, here on our planet, we have extraordinary, magnificent diversity. There is something of everything right here on earth. Good or bad.

Again, my old storyteller likes to explain it as the Opposites all leaning on each other:

Good and bad teach each other. Difficult and Easy support each other.

Long and Short define each other. High and Low depend on each other.

And like the Sunrise and the Sunset, Light and Dark begin each other.


It’s all ENERGY:

Good and Bad, Light and Dark. It’s all the opposite’s needing each other. One cannot exist without the other. Light or Dark. It’s your roadmap. Your choice.

Dark Energy

For some time now there has been plenty of dark energy going round, running rampant over our globe. It is called fear. Indeed, the real virus is fear. Day after day, fear aimed right at you. With strident voices telling you how vulnerable you are, how susceptible you are. Stories focused on Ain’t it awful! that just flood your eyes and your ears and seep into your heart and your mind. And all the while that beautiful Light of yours is growing dimmer and dimmer.

Light Energy


I want to show you your Light. This is my Lightstick. Up close you can see the little strands of lights, little holiday lights in there. And down there, there’s a little battery, and there’s even a noisemaker in here. But you’ll notice there is no button. There is no switch to turn this on. There is only one way to turn on these lights, and that is with our human electric energy. Truly.


Luminaries like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkings, Carl Sagan, have long told us that we are the stuff of stars. We are the same star elements. We are the same star power. And this is the power of our Light. It is within us, pulsing through us, in every heartbeat. So, I’m going to show you my LightStick. I’m going to turn it on with my own Light. Honestly.

I hold this end, and then I make the full human connection by holding the other end. You can hear a little noisemaker and you can see the bright, flashing, colored lights!

This is you! This is your light! And we all have it. I have it. You have it. We are all born with this light. This is the Starlight that is ensconced in our physical flesh and bones! Truly, splendidly exciting! It is the roadmap you are born with. It is your choice to turn it on.


Even so, the Dark can subvert our Light, and the most subversive is fear. From fright to dread to dismay, fear tamps down our beautiful light.

It is fear in action. Fear fostering powerless despair. Fear fostering useless depression. And worst of all, fear actually compromises your immune system. You see, our immune cells work on the same electricity, the same kind of chugging along, as our blood going through our heart in every pulsing heartbeat. It is the same electricity that moves our immune cells through our bodies.

If you are frightened by what is going on in the world today, then your Light is dampened. It is dimmed. You are in the dark. And it feels terrible. Because fear has lots of offshoots, like worry, anxiety, dread… doubt, alarm, panic.

In this physical world, it is relatively easy to lose your way – to lose your roadmap and forget your choices. It happens when you get into that panic place, with voices pounding the drum of fear. The fear makes it feel like everything is fixed in place. Helplessly, you just want to find a button to keep pushing… trying to stop the world. But it only spins faster, and you start to feel trapped. You feel like this is never going to change… like you can’t get out of it.

Jesse would give us a Spoonerism:

 it feels like a blushing crow

which means:

it feels like a crushing blow

as if there is no way out!

But of course, there is a way out.

The dark feelings – the fear – all it really means is that you have separated from your light. You’re lurching around in that dark gloomy pessimism – without your roadmap – without your choices. Let’s turn the page and follow our way into your Light.


The grand thing about your Light is that you can turn it on anytime. And when you turn it on, you thrive!

Now I want you to think about this because you can thrive at anytime, anywhere. I believe this is a significant metaphysical component to our flourishing health.

          Did You Ever Wonder…

  • Why Mother Teresa never got leprosy?
  • Or Florence Nightingale never contracted typhus or Cholera?
  • Even Princess Diana, who comforted so many Aids patients up close and personal, she never got it.
  • And then there is Dr. Albert Schweitzer and his wife Hellene, who for over 50 years worked in the     disease-ridden areas of Africa.
  • One of the most remarkable, is a man named, Dr. Jean Jacques Muyembe, who first discovered the highly contagious and deadly Ebola. Well, he didn’t know that it was highly contagious and deadly, when at first, he was treating all his patients with no protective gear, not even gloves.

          How Can This Be?

How can it be that so many die around us – and yet there are those who thrive? I dare say, whether it’s a muddle or chaos, there are always those who are connected. Those who are clear and free of confusion. Without any fear. They do not live in fear.

When you are connected to your Light your immune system is in humming, running order. You are safeguarded by your beautiful, beautiful Light… shining on the roadmap of your choice.

Feel Your Light

This Light. I know you know what I am talking about. I know you “get it”. You remember –  experiencing that rather detached feeling, like floating. Lots of times you feel it when you’re in the shower, in a nice long, hot shower. Or maybe sometimes you feel it when you’re driving, and you arrive home safe and sound – but you can’t remember driving the last five miles. It might be that tingling feeling in your heart – or maybe in your stomach. It could be that little voice you hear inside your head. Very often, it’s when you look into the eyes of someone you love – or hold their hand. It feels magical, enchanting, loving, sublime. And that’s because it IS MAGIC. It’s your everyday magic. Your roadmap: your choice. It is your Light.

Martha Graham,

the famously creative and innovative dancer, wrote:

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening

that is translated through you into action.

You must keep yourself – and your channel – open to it.”

Creativity & Innovation

My Light has been in my creativity so many times in my life. When I am writing I sometimes wonder, Where did all these words come from?

Or when I’m working on my PaperSolo art, cutting my papers and arranging them, gluing them down… I feel like I’m in a place where there is no Time!

It happens often in music, too. I remember once, I was playing my flute solo in a concert, and my mind went totally blank! Totally! I was utterly detached. I could tell my fingers were still moving, but it was as if someone else was playing my flute – and I was the channel for this beautiful music.

People like to call this Being in the Flow – and that is exactly what it is. You are in the flow of your energy stream – your Light! This is your roadmap shining brightly. To me it feels like a quietly delicious excitement.

I believe it is this Energy that lifts the physical, earthly veil into the non-physical, cosmic, divine beauty of creativity.

Even the tiniest thought can lift that veil and put you in there. The happiest thought can turn on your Light. And the best part? The Dark cannot hold a candle to your Light!

 Dark vs. Light

  • You see, the Dark wants to say: Stay inside – isolate – survive.
  • But the Light tells you: Go out – connect – thrive!
  • No, no, no, insists the Dark: just be quiet and do as your told.
  • The Light? It wants you to play and laugh and dance and sing and love!
  • NO! protests the Dark, NO! This is your box. Stay inside your box! And just … hang-on!
  • Then the Light proclaims: There is no box… … Let go!

This is the roadmap of you choosing.

  • You choose… where to look: to look at the Light – or look at the Dark.
  • This is you choosing what to let in: to let in the Light or let in the Dark. It is always your roadmap – your choice.

The great thing about having your Light on is that you know consciously that you are making that choice. Nevertheless, conscious or not, you choose in every thought, in every word, in every action. So… are you going to choose the dark, noisy world – or – are you going to choose the Light that uncorks your soul in frothing, champagne illuminations?!?

Life is Light

Your Light is your life, your love, your laughter. Love – Laughter – Life – Light! It’s all the same Energy! And you can change that Energy anytime you want – when you make a conscious decision to think a happier thought – speak a happier word – do something happy. Boom! You’re in the Light! And it is so irresistible! It is contagious – because your Light can ignite the Light in other human beings!

So yes, it is all about your choice to follow your roadmap Light. It’s not about pushing a button. Remember my Light Stick – there is no button. It comes down to seeking your Light. It is always here – and it’s waiting for you.

Light in Song

One of my musical choices is a country song from Don Williams – and, yes, I did change a few of the words:

I don’t believe in lah-ti-dahs, in empty words and blah-blah-blahs.

            I don’t believe in fripperies, and tellin’ fibs is slippery.

But I believe in Love, I believe in Magic

I believe in your Light, and I believe in You!

Let yourself believe: in Love – in Magic – in Light – in You! This is your roadmap – it is always your choice.

Thus far

In Part 1 we took a look at You and Your Light.

Part 2 filled-in with Your Roadmap – Your Choice:  Choosing – Dark or Light.

Next week we’ll address Part 3 – How You Use Your Light.

Till then,

Light On!

Note: the video of Patsie’s complete presentation is available: