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Patsie McCandless, Speaker


Your Roadmap: Your Purpose

Your roadmap is your purpose –  defining your reason for being here on earth, shining your Light in Love and Joy and Laughter that makes our world shine all the brighter, too.

In Part 1 we took a look at You and your Light.

Part 2 filled in with You Choosing – Dark or Light.

This week we will cover Part 3 – Your Roadmap: Your Purpose – How you use your Light


At this point you may be thinking,

This is lovely, lovely, lovely, talking about Light,

but how do I live in the physical world of crazy confusion and chaos?


You’re right, if you do what you’ve always done, you get what you always got.

The world doesn’t change on a dime just for you.

But here’s another grand thing: YOU get to change anytime, anywhere.


Jesse Advice

In Becoming Jesse, he is having a hard time with his roadmap and his purpose. The polio pandemic in 1953 New York City is worsened by a severe heat wave going through Manhattan-  and on top of that, Jesse is very concerned because his best friend’s daddy has been lost at sea for over a week.

 Brooding, Jesse says, “Well I guess there’s nothing we can do.”

 His grandmother, Dearie, stops him, saying, “Why Jesse, there’s everything we can do! We can turn up our Light and shine it all over. Remember the ancient lesson of Japanese Kintsugi.”

“Oh yeah, they repair a broken bowl with shining gold. They put it in all the cracks.”

“Yes, and it becomes more beautiful than the original. This is the magic of how you come back to life. You break. But you fill your cracks with illuminations, golden illuminations. Then you  flow on. Humming with the illuminations. Light on Jesse!

Light On! Illuminate! Change your energy!

There is another ancient practice that follows a roadmap into your purpose. It is called Feng Shui: the study of  the flow of Energy. It teaches that if you create bad energy –  they call it shaa – then you need to move out of that space… get away from those bad feelings and sensations created there.

Jesse would call it pivoting – from the Dark to the Light.

Your roadmap takes Action

Whatever you do, when bad Energy arises, you need to take action.

Go to the Light: you can go to a window or a door –  or better yet, go outside.

But the most important thing you can do in a situation like that is to take action.

Do you know why?

Because action is an antidote. It’s one of the great antidotes, even for despair and depression. This is you taking your roadmap into the Light on purpose.

Spending Energy on Purpose

Now, there is another thing I want you to know about Energy. Your roadmap – on purpose – is to be very heedful of how you spend your Energy. When I was young, my mom had a vegetable garden, and I was out helping her water it. She got this funny look on her face, and she said, “Just remember don’t water the weeds.”

At the time I didn’t get it… but I do now. Don’t water the weeds. Don’t give your beautiful Energy to anything bad. Your roadmap Lights up with good intentions.

Seeking Positive on Purpose

Make it a habit to look for the positive all along your roadmap. Your purpose is in your positive enthusiasms. Right now, in mid-April, Mother Nature is cheering us all on with the changes in the seasons. Wherever you are on this globe, the seasons are changing. You can’t cancel the seasons!

Latch on to anything positive like Mother Nature, and let go of anything negative

– especially news and social media – that is pure gloom and doom, or whining, or alarming gossip.

Power of Words

Your roadmap of Life is filled with millions and millions of words. Remember how powerful your words are, and use them with positive purpose.

Jesse discovered this when he learned the Light Lesson that Dearie taught him, called the “Rule of Tongue”. I know that sounds funny, but it is quite profound: the “Rule of Tongue” says:

“Let all the words on your tongue taste delicious.

And let them pass through the Remark-able Gates:

First Gate: Are your words kind?

Second Gate: Are your words true?

Third Gate: Are your words necessary?”

 Kind, True, Necessary. Indeed, Remark-able Gates for your roadmap and your purpose.

A few years ago my husband and I decided to take a conscious look at our words. We decided that we wanted to get rid of the word should. After all, should is such a bossy, judgmental word. We practiced saying: “Well, let’s do this instead.” – Or – “I would rather try that.”

What happened? We felt freer, lighter. We felt our life change – for the better… for the positive.

Even today, when we hear that word, our ears prick up – like it just doesn’t belong here. It’s not on our roadmap anymore.

Make a Purposeful Habit NEW

You can do it very easily, one little, tiny thought at a time –  like letting go of a word that doesn’t serve you.

Remember, you chose to come here.

Do what you came here to do. Shine on! Open your gifts, your loving gifts.

Act with Purposeful NEW

And here’s one more positive habit to engender on your purposeful roadmap of life: always look for something New.

This has a lot to do with your brain, because your brain shows up day in, day out –  like the sun and its light Energy. Same kind of Energy. But your brain does get a bit tired from the ‘same old same old’.

Yet, when you present your brain with anything new – your brain gets positively smitten!

It starts creating all over again – just zooming off – in the direction of creation and innovation!

It really is what we are here to do!

I learned something New in a garden we visited recently. There was a sundial with the engraved words from Robert Browning: “Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be.”

Well I couldn’t resist changing just one word:” New”. I turned it into:

“Grow new along with me. The best is yet to be.”

New is where creativity and innovation live. Make it your treasure-hunt into the delights of finding the New path in your life.

Find Purposeful NEW

That leads me to another question that I know you may be asking:

Okay, this sounds great, but how do I find the New?

Especially in this day after day onslaught of so much confusing information?


Well, there is something else you need to know about your Light. On the roadmap of your purposeful,  physical world,  Your Light does need to be regenerated. It’s just like you have to regenerate batteries by plugging them into an electrical source.

How does your Light get plugged in? It gets plugged in every time you go to sleep,

principally, when you go into your beautiful dream state.

Dream Purposeful NEW

Jesse asks this question of his grandmother, and Dearie tells him:

“The New is in your dreams. When you believe in your dream, Jesse,

your dream begins to belong to the Universe and your soul knows its path.

“That’s when your dream bubbles up like a firefly and comes looking for you.

That’s when you invite it in to your party. Your dream is like your guest.

Treat it with love and fun. Let it know how precious it is. And it cannot resist you.

“Feel your dream like it is here – real –  right now.”

Yes, find your dream in the fun and excitement of watching it bubble up! Because it will, and you will find New at every turn, greeting you with open arms.

Invent Purposeful NEW   

The famous scientist, Thomas Edison, invented so many things – not just the light bulb. His roadmap was full of exceptional purpose. He understood  how to find New in sleep and in dreams. Edison had this experiment that he would run on himself, and it became part of his practice.

When faced with a problem, he would ask his brain for a solution… and then he would go to sleep in his rocking chair. He did have a little trick – he put a coin in his hand, and on the floor, underneath his hand, he put a tin pie plate.

Mr. Edison would drift off to sleep… and the coin would slip out of his hand…into the pie plate! Awakening and alerting him to the New! Yes, to whatever inspiration was there waiting for him. Rather like a light bulb going off!

This is the power of your Light – just like Thomas Edison – it is regenerated through sleep and your dream state. Your roadmap and your purpose, even in your sleep!

Trust Your Purposeful Light

Edison had thousands of patents, but he also experimented with thousands of inventions that didn’t work. His roadmap had plenty of road blocks, and many a time, he came up against a brick wall.

If your dream comes up against a brick wall while on your roadmap –

  • you don’t have to smash into it.
  • or pull it down.
  • no, you don’t even have to try to climb up the wall.

All you have to do is trust your beautiful, powerful Light to guide you around the wall.

This is what your beautiful Light is really here to do. It is here to guide you.


Turn up your brilliant Light and flow with your beautiful Energy… as you take action – seek the positive – pay attention to your words – find the New – and regenerate it all through your dreams. It is your roadmap and your purpose.

Thus Far

In Part 1 was Your Roadmap for You and Your Light.

Part 2: Your Roadmap for Your Choices – Dark or Light.

Now Part 3 has attended to the Roadmap of Your Purpose – How Your Use Your Light

Next week is the Epilogue for Your Roadmap series.

Till then,  LIGHT ON!

Note: the video of Patsie’s complete presentation is available: