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Revealing Your Light

“How the Light seeks, the Light reveals: Revealing more and more Light!” ~ Becoming Jesse

How you reveal your Light! Yes, you are a Light. You are born with it. And the magic of your Light is in your everyday revelations. The revelations are the thoughts and ideas that seem to come out of nowhere… sometimes in a slow, gradual understanding… sometimes in a pop of surprise knowing.

In Becoming Jesse, he encounters the riddles his secretive mother has left behind, and he diligently tries to solve them. Yet it is when he is NOT trying to find the answers that the solution invariably appears!

Isn’t that true for all of us! It often happens to me when I am doing a crossword puzzle! The more I wrangle with it, the more the answer escapes me. Yet the solution fluidly appears when I am not thinking about it!

This occurs often when I am just humming through my day. Then, the next time I happen to look at the crossword puzzle, there is the answer – right on the tip of my tongue – right under my nose!

As Old Barret says about Jesse’s solutions:

“Revelations are tricky.

Some would never give it a second look.

While one whose Light is on,

sees the very thing that’s been looked for all along.”

How Do You Reveal Your Light?

I believe it happens – quite simply – when you have your Light On!

Your Light is always on in your NOW moments. That is why it feels tricky. Because NOW is here for but a nano-second… and then it becomes our past.

The reason it feels so magical is that the NOW is eternal… the Now is where your Light is… and how your Light gets revealed. When you truly know your NOW, you have a new feeling, and a sense of wonderment seeps into your mind, your heart, your soul – your whole body.

Most of the time, your NOW – the present moment – is always fading away. You can hold onto it for but a second – maybe two. The mysterious thing is that if you try to grasp hold of it – then you are really not in the NOW. That is why you feel frustrated. The more you try to retrieve it the more it slips away.

Revealing Your Light is like Time Travel

Picture this: a problem looms before you – you try to solve it in your NOW moment – but each attempt moves into your past. Revealing your Light doesn’t work here. You eventually let it go…. And it joins all the other bits and pieces of your past.

But, the next time you are in your NOW – you have your Light On – you are free – not bound to anything. You are calm, loose, peaceful. You are humming along – not giving your energy to the problem.

That is just when all those past bits and pieces flow into your NOW – taking hold of the spotlighted idea – and flowing past > create your future! POP! A new thought! Fresh idea! Different answer!

The entire sensation is new, refreshing, and surprising: it feels as if Time is moving like a river, and you get into perfect synchronicity with it. That is why it is so often described as being in the flow. It feels like everything is flowing… TO you! You’re not chasing after anything.

Allowing Revelations in the Present Moment

You let go. You are immersed in the marvelous feeling of allowing. Perceptions and outlook, observations and knowing appear, without actually seeing or hearing anything in particular. It is a phenomenon that occurs without doing… without struggling… without trying….

Perhaps the most amazing part of this is that you are in the state of BEING. You simply breath. You let go even more. Your inner Light is brightly shining, and you perceive things – the world – time – space – quietly swirling around you in moment after moment of Light, energy, spirit, vitality, life force, quickening.

Lessons in Your Revelations

Though you may not be fully conscious of the many layers of being in the NOW, these revealing moments are teaching you lessons that become a deep-seated, instinctive part of your being.

You become ever more aware of the NOW as fleeting. It hones your ideas that your reality is something ethereal: the supreme importance of your soul – your spirit – your Light – and its true joy, love, delights, contentments and pleasures… in other words, happiness. (One of my favorite talks about Happiness is by Shawn Achor: “The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance”)

Old Barret, from Becoming Jesse, explains the ethereal aspect of this in his inimitable way:

“You ask, What is real?

The things you can touch?

More often it’s the things you can’t.

Like jumping for joy.”

Another thing that happens in your NOW is that you are aware of your endless mutual associations, attachments and relations: in the world and the universe: in the people and places and things that are all woven into the web of Time – which further shapes your every moment.

In addition to all this, you have a new consciousness of your sensory biology pulling in new sounds, new visions, new tastes and smells. Everything is in heightened – and deeper – sensations. This includes your instincts and emotions, thoughts, ideas and even your memories.

Nourishing Revelations

Remember, Light Is a Verb! When you have experienced your present moments – your NOW – it feels as if you have been blessed with a new presence. These are your revelations. You notice that everything looks and feels filled with Light – beautiful. And it fills your body in happy-healthy hummings, as it fills your mind and your soul. A sometimes unexpected benefit, is that you feel a genuine sense of empathy, kindness, compassion and love. So enJOY!

Mac’s advice in Becoming Jesse sums up these revelations that show themselves to us in our NOW moments:

“It’s your life journey. Sometimes it is your quest.

But it’s always how you go. And more important, it’s how you grow.”

You just keep your Light on. You’ll know. Even in the dark.”

Revelations! Light On!